Port Manatee Propeller Club Mexican Themed Networking Event, 02/22/19

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Port Manatee Propeller Club Meeting, State of the Port, 11/14/18

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IMG_7559.jpg IMG_7560.jpg IMG_7563.jpg IMG_7567.jpg
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Port Manatee Propeller Club Membership Meeting, 9/14/2018

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IMG_7619.jpg IMG_7630.jpg IMG_7633.jpg IMG_7637.jpg
IMG_7643.jpg IMG_7650.jpg IMG_7653.jpg IMG_7656.jpg
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Port Manatee Propeller Club Membership Meeting, 7/27/18

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IMG_7480.jpg IMG_7397.jpg IMG_7399.jpg IMG_7488.jpg


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Port Manatee Propeller Club Porthole Tournament June 23, 2018:

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IMG_7301.jpg IMG_7307.jpg IMG_7297.jpg IMG_7274.jpg IMG_7317.jpg
IMG_7316.jpg IMG_7321.jpg IMG_7325.jpg IMG_7312.jpg IMG_7314.jpg
IMG_7339.jpg IMG_7334.jpg IMG_7309.jpg

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Port Manatee Propeller Club 14th Golf Classic

Thank you to our sponsors, golfers and volunteers for making this
event such a success


Congratulations to the first place winners
from left  Zach Haitz, Tony Barnett, Jordan Riviat and Bryan Sutton